Friday, July 18, 2008


He was a homeless man that lived in an alley.

She was a secretary that worked near that alley.

Sometimes the man seemed sane, other times he was completely out of it.

When he was sane, he had that clear look in his eyes.

That Friday morning she said hi, he said hi back.

She thought it would be nice of her to buy that old man something to cool off, it was nearly 120 degrees out there.

She went to a convenience store. She took 3 minutes thinking what would be best for the old man...A Sports Drink? A soda? An Energy Drink?

She bought an Energy Drink.

She walked by the homeless man. Gave him the can. The homeless man smiled.

She went to her office thinking what a great thing she had done.

At 7 pm she got out of work.

The man was there, as usual, just lying there on the alley.

Only this time, he was dead.

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