Thursday, July 13, 2006

LO QUE TRENT OPINA DE The Devil wears Prada

Trent, el de Pink is the New Blog [blog que por supuesto amo por su frivolidad...(frivolous and not afraid to admit it)]despues de haber visto The Devil Wears Prada nos dice:

I've been hearing really good things from everyone who saw the movie and I found that I have to concur -- even tho I have not read the book. The movie as great ... really funny, really stylish, really entertaining. I know I'm not a fashion expert but I really liked the stuff they featured in the film ... in fact, I kinda felt guilty for not caring about fashion enough. My favorite lines of the movie were, "Let's get you some Chanel. You're in desperate need of Chanel." Meryl Streep was the best thing in that movie (I haven't seen her in anything this hilarious since Death Becomes Her) ... and I was very surprised by Anne Hathaway. I've never liked her in anything -- ever! She was actually good in this movie. I'm pretty sure that if you like reading this blog then you'll prolly like this movie as well.

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